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Research & Development (R&D)

In North 45, we are focused on R&D in various fields to increase the productivity and nutritious value of our berries, and to augment the added value of our produce. As an example, we are currently researching the best extraction methods to isolate the bioactive materials of Haskap especially anthocyanins including Cyanidine 3 Glucoside (C-3-G) out of our berries, for the nutraceutical purposes. Such Haskap bioactive extract (nutraceutical) will hopefully compete successfully in the supplement market. The value proposition with respect to a Haskap nutraceutical is that consumers are already keenly interested in natural antioxidants for direct consumption in pill form and/or supplemented into food products for the prevention of disease. These consumers have accepted the emergence of natural antioxidants such as omega fish oils, berry powders and herbal extracts in preventing disease on a billion-dollar global basis.

North 45 Orchards bioactive extract is currently in the R&D phase. The company has already completed a high level market analysis by Deloitte of Toronto and had retained a German consulting firm to assist in the development of the product.  The target extract profile has been identified as well as the health areas with the highest market potential focus. To further develop the business opportunity, North 45 Orchards has retained the services of a second Canadian consulting firm to develop a work plan to help the company in the early stages of commercializing the extract. As a policy, North 45 Orchards does not pay any overhead expenses in the research work it conducts or share in.

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