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 haskap: fruit of  longevity

The haskap berry has high levels of antioxidants, up to three times  that of  a high bush  blueberry,  making  it  a formidable antioxidant superfood helping us to prevent heart diseases, stroke, cancers, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, rheumatoid arthritis as well as neurodegenerative diseases. 

The phenolic content in the Haskap berry is directly associated with its colour and flavour. In contrast to blueberries and most types of red grapes which have a white flesh, the Haskap berry has a flesh that is reddish-purple. That means it also has high phenol content throughout and not just the skin. This inherently gives the haskap a higher antioxidant score and therefore superior health benefits when compared to most berries.

Haskap: a  new  berry  crop

with high antioxidant capacity

Phenolic Profile of Edible Honeysuckle Berries (Genus Lonicera) and Their Biological Effects

Haskap is very rich in Vitamin C, richer than orange!! It is also rich in many other vitamins and minerals, and even comes very close to leading high Potassium fruits; Banana and Pomegranate!! Click on the adjacent PDF icon to read about the many health benefits of haskap; berry of the future.

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