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Competitive Landscaping

In terms of global berry production, the Haskap berry remains a very tasty secret. Commercial global plantings of Haskap compared to Blueberries (290,000 acres) remains tiny. There are around 150 acres in Japan, 800 acres in Eastern Europe, 50 acres in Western Europe and 1,000 acres in Canada, 700 acres in Quebec alone. This amounts to approximately 2,000 acres in total. This equates to 0.7% of global Blueberry production and 11.1% of the 18,000 acres of pomegranate trees. Haskap is a relatively new but proven plant in Canada and North America, so it has few competitors, and a large room for growth. This can be seen and benchmarked by the blueberry industry and its growth. The blueberry started off with a few acres and slow demand and is now one of Canada’s biggest crops and exports, more than  40,000 acres are present in Nova Scotia alone.


Nova Scotia; The Perfect Location

Nova Scotia is the perfect location to grow haskap berries due to its ideal climate, rainfall, soil fertility, availability of processing facilities, and access to regional and international markets.


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