"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Haskap, Berry of the Future


Haskap (Honeyberry) is the new berry of the future. However, this super berry has a rich heritage in Japanese folklore. It is believed the plant originated in Kamchatka in Eastern Siberia, and then its seeds were carried by migrating birds to Kuril islands and Hokkaido, Japan's second largest and most northern island. 

North 45 Orchards


North 45 Orchards is a Canadian corporation owned and managed by partners with over 60 years of combined skills and knowledge of farming and business. One of the partners of the company is an experienced Haskap farmer. north 45 orchards owns its lands, equipment and all other assets and is completely debt-free. All orchard land has been soil tested and proven suitable for Haskap growing. 

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Coming Soon...

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North 45 Orchards

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